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At The Ionian we are passionate and proud to be able to feed our local community with food grown metres away from our busy kitchen. It’s so important to us that our community knows and can appreciate where their food comes from and who is producing it.

Nothing is more rewarding for us than using our homegrown food in our kitchen and being able to share it with our wonderful community. 


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The Kitchen Garden

We are part of the entire process when it comes to growing in our polytunnel. From sowing the seeds, to planting the seedlings, nurturing the plants as they grow, to best of all, the harvest. Our Kitchen Garden provides us with the most delicious fresh herbs and vegetables that inspire our specials and fill our vegetable boxes sold in the farmshop. 


We want you to feel as connected to our food when eating it, as we do whilst planting it. 

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On our farm we have a flock of sheep left to graze solely on the fresh pasture and roam the fields as they please. Our farming background comes from the mountains of northern Greece, our grandparents spent their lives farming sheep and goats, passing down their knowledge to us. 


We have a small supply chain with all of the lamb dishes served at The Ionian coming from our pasture-fed flock. It's vital for us that our customers can see and understand exactly where their food comes from and the life they led on our farm. 

We aim to work in harmony with nature, providing our animals with the most natural way of living on our farm. 

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We really love seeing people rolling up their sleeves, getting their hands in soil and being out in nature, so at The Ionian we want to utilise our farm as a green space for all the community to enjoy, learn new skills and interact with the nature around them. 

We've held Art Fairs showcasing local artists work, Wreath Making workshops using foliage from our farm and in January 2022, we teamed up with Orchard Revival and local volunteers for a tree planting project. Creating a traditional community orchard on our farm that will benefit our community for years to come, as the trees continue to grow and produce delicious fruit. 

We can't wait for our next project!

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