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Located on a working farm on the A38 we're a family run farm shop and restaurant. Our humble beginnings began 5 years ago selling our wood fired pizza out of a truck. We've now expanded with indoor and outdoor seating, surrounded by our pasture-fed lamb and our rescue chickens.


The menu is constantly evolving, from hand stretched pizza and anti pasti, to traditional Greek sweets and our lamb souvlaki, in order to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to the local community.  

Like the Ionian Sea, our kitchen fuses Greek and Italian influences creating a wave of flavour throughout our menu. 


Come down and visit our little creation on the A38. 

The Ionian Polytunnel Produce

growing on our land

Growing vegetables in our polytunnel supplies us with plenty of seasonal produce all year round. From the ripest courgettes and aubergines to the sweetest tomatoes. We grow an assortment of vegetables, and occasionally fruit, that we use to create unique dishes, salads and garnishes following the season's bounty. 


We feel that when providing our customers with delicious food, it's important to know where it has come from, how it was produced and how far it's travelled. Eating locally and seasonally ensures that your produce is fresh and full of flavour.


Throughout the year we design specials centred around what's in season. As we move through the seasons, keep an eye on our instagram to see what specials we've got cooking. 



We began cultivating this land over ten years ago. Our sheep are pasture-fed all year round to provide the delicious lamb for your burgers and grilled meat. 

Rearing sheep on solely pasture and allowing them to graze freely, meets the animals innate behavioural needs. It not only provides them with a more natural diet, but also offers the highest standard of animal welfare.


Lamb and sheep love to eat prickly thistles and weeds which are rich in nutrients. Utilising British grassland reduces the need to import animal feed from abroad. It puts goodness back into the soil making it a carbon-positive way of rearing our livestock. 

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